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A Moment in the Icelandic Highlands



In the summer of 2006 I first traveled to the area around the Kárahnjúkar dam. I took of with my wife for a hike with the outdoor group Augnablik. We walked for five days around Kringilsá river, Kringilsárrani cape, Jökulsá á Brú river,  Hafrahvammagil canyon, Laugarvalladalur valley, Mt. Snæfell. Norðurdalur valley and Jökulsá á Fljótsdal river. This voyage changed me. Seldom or never have I experienced as intense spiritual effect hiking around my country. The knowledge that a lot of these areas would either disappear under a gigantic reservoir or that grandiose rivers and waterfalls would be silenced made it a very strong experience. I felt I belonged in a privileged group because I knew that few Icelanders have seen this area with their own eyes. I was determined to make a photographic show one way or the other in order to allow more to see the land that will disappear.

This is a 5 minute photographic show with the music of Damien Rice.

All those who want to use the pictures for the cause of preserving these or other regions at risk because of dam making plans are free to use them. All commercial use is prohibited.

This trip convinced me that the government policy is dead wrong. There is nothing that justifies the deliberate destroying of the unique nature that is taking place in the east highlands. We simply can not allow ourselves to conduct such turmoil to our country no matter what. Future generations should be allowed to experience this nature. When it also becomes obvious that the whole project is based on dubious suppositions it is literally our duty to demand that it is postponed, at least while doing thorough research on all the effects it has on the ecology, both on land and in water.


Christopher Lund