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About Art-Iceland.com

Art-Iceland.com is made in Iceland by Álfatungl ehf.

Art-Iceland.com is to be enjoyed by all English reading art-lovers. The web is intended to be an on-line art gallery portraying Icelandic artists. The emphasis is on introducing the uniqueness of Icelandic art. Artists are invited to come join us and display their work and art-lovers from around the globe have the opportunity to invest in great icelandic art.

We at Art-Iceland.com take privacy on the Internet seriously. Further information can be read in our Privacy Statement.

As you can see this site ranks already in the top 1% of all internet sites as measured by Alexa:

The statistics show estimated traffic rank number from approximately 16.6 million sites :)


Álfatungl ehf.

Álfatungl ehf. specializes in assisting corporations and small business firms in designing and implementing information projects. Special emphasis is on implementing web sites for individuals and companies from the viewpoint of marketing, graphics design and information architecture. Our services are available with short notice and is very flexible.

Álfatungl ehf. has recently begun brainstorming, marketing and implementing web sites. The main idea is to make sites that prove popular for human readers as well as search engines.



4x4OffRoads.com - Practical Off Roads Information
The first web to come on-line is 4x4OffRoads.com. It's goal is to make practical icelandic 4x4 and off roads travel information and knowledge known to the world! The web site is already among the top 1% of the most popular sites on the Internet and still heading higher.


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I had been searching for the best way to start a web site. I didn't want to just start and throw up something but wanted to do the right thing. The idea was to build a site that had a message to the world and preferably could sustain itself. I came across a web hosting company that did that a lot more!

I came across this FREE e-book about building sites that really got me thinking if I could perhaps find my own niche and even a new mission in life.

I found a set of tools that are simple to use and lets me concentrate on delivering content and not worry about all the technical details (although I do know a LOT about those).

Apart from the safety of backups and firewalls, I don't have to worry about, the tools I like the best are the accurate and relevant statistics I get about visits to the site and the automatic search engine submission.

The method is basically simple:

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The Site Build It! from SiteSell.com is fast becoming the best of breed for all small business web efforts. It provides for me and the 4x4OffRoads.com web site a step by step guide of building a site that is both pleasing for people as well as the search engines.

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The first one proved a real eye opener for me. You can read more about it and the 10 day Affiliate Masters Course right here. Even if you don't end up using any of SiteSell's products this is a good read. It's 200 pages provide a good overview of the ideas you will need to grasp. The how's and the why's. I'm sure it will help you as it did me, in finding your niche and building a site that sells.

The other is about mastering the art of netwriting. It's a quick read of 50 pages. Since English is not my native tongue this book has helped me a great deal.

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