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Kid Art Project

For the last five years I have worked with kid art projects in kindergarten. My pupils are between 1 and 6 years old. At this age the kids are full of ideas and fun to be around. Environment has not started to influence them in their art creation. They express themselves from the heart. My role is in giving them the opportunity, the tools and the materials they need to work at their art. Each individual forms their own picture after their own ideas.

It is just amazing how kids manage to make beautiful pictures, often they are true works of art like you can see done by prestigious artists. Kids are fun to be with and listen to. Often making stories and they can easily be led on in their joy of telling a story. I have learned a lot about this from them. I paint pictures my self and am gradually learning to paint from the heart. Kids have taught me to be free in art creation and be sincere.


Kid Art Project - The Beach Kid Art Project - The Beach
Kids love forming things with their hands. It is good for them to touch soft substance and make something from their own imagination. In this kid art project you can use any type of clay.
Kid Art Project - Winter Pictures Kid Art Project - Winter Pictures
Working with the winter is a never ending kid art project. We wanted to make three dimensional winter pictures. To let three dimensional picture appear, we chose thick under-layer and paper that will not flatten out and is alive.
Kid Art Project - Acrylic Kid Art Project - Acrylic
You don't always need a pensil to paint a picture. You can also change methods and forego of the pensils ! Acrylic paint is especially easy to use when we want to let the colors be in control.
Kid Art Project - Textile Kid Art Project - Textile
These pictures show the textile kid art project done by kids between 4 and 6 years old. I cut down a piece of chicken net about 40 x 50 cm (16 x 20 inch). I also cut down linen pieces in colors I thought fitting
Kid Art Project - Ink Kid Art Project - Ink
I realize that it is popular to allow kids in kindergarten to work with ink and watercolor. Here we use the technique known by most.


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