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Ásdís Elva Pétursdóttir
"Princess 101"


Ásdís Elva Pétursdóttir's exhibition came as fresh surprise, like was to be expected of her.

All of a sudden a screeching sound of brakes fills the air as a yellow bus stops by the Saltfish museum in the small fisher town of Grindavík. Neighbors stare open-eyed - has a real bus started coming to Grindavík? What a service!

But not quite. Out of the yellow bus jumps Ásdís Elva the artist. "Hey, here I am!"

She rented the bus from Reykjavík to carry her artwork to Grindavík. Not surprisingly the happening caused well deserved attention.

101 dresses where hung up inside the bus making an unusual sight between rows of red seats in the bus. The exhibition is called "Princess 101".

Are princesses always perfect? Are they thin or fat? Small or big? Are we always playing the part of a princess, trying to be the perfect princess?

The exhibition is about these issues and it is worth the thought to remember that looks are not everything, it is the person inside that has true value.

After the exhibition, Ásdís took the bus to Reykjavík and parked it in front of Sævar Karl's clothes store. The bus driver was smiling to himself among all the dresses from Ásdís, hanging in the bus. Guests came in and walked through the work, happily enjoying themselves.



Álfheiður Ólafsdóttir