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Caroline Swash


Caroline Swash exhibits stained glass, glass dragons and paintings in Gerðarsafn. Here below you can see a sampling of her works.

Inspiration for new works come from Icelandic artifacts that are kept in museums in London. Beside that her exhibition includes paintings, photographs and blueprints related to her larger glass art projects.  Caroline has recently created stained glass windows for buildings like the cathedral in Gloucester, church of the holy Barnabas in Dulwich as well as the headquarters for MS patients in London.

Caroline Swash - glass art

Caroline likes the carved out spoons. She uses the Viking forms and colors that remind us of the Viking period.


Preparation done by Caroline is thorough. She creates accurate blueprints before starting out for the final artwork.


It is like entering another dimension to see and experience glass art. There are unbelievably varied things possible to make from this joyful substance.



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