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Gay Iceland

Gay Pride August 2004 in Reykjavík

Gay Pride Iceland is celebrated in Reykjavík like many other cities in the world. This years festival took place Saturday August 7th. It is estimated that a little less than 40.000 people showed up in Reykjavík centre, to celebrate with gay's and to show sympathy and support.

People are gradually talking about homosexuals in a more open way than before. This can largely be contributed to the yearly Gay Pride days.

Gay Pride is celebrated the world over. Some travel between festivals and in Iceland the show is truly world class in its elegance and enthusiasm. This can really be seen in the photos below.

Gay Iceland

This is the first time I come to the celebration. I was surprised by the huge number of folks that showed up. It is also grate to see how the public stands with fags and lesbians. They are not shy to step out of the closet and that is good because it is unhealthy to bury our emotions within throughout life. Gay Pride ware first held here in Iceland in 2000. A lot of things have changed in the meantime.

Míó the drag show queen of Iceland

Míó the drag show queen of Iceland, also known by the name Skjöldur Eyfjörð, was the most spectacular of all. She designed the costume and the show she took part in.

Fame musical

The musical "Fame" is currently on in Vetrargarðurinn in Smáralind. Their contribution was great and to see all the kids from the musical perform.

Jónsi from Fame

The whole day was really fun and everyone and all had the best of times. Jónsi from "Fame" got a big applaud.

Gay Pride ladies

These "ladies" dressed in their finest. Obviously everyone went to extreme measures to make the show as spectacular as possible.

Gay Pride Gal

Here is one of the "gals" in net stockings and everything that goes with it !



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