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February 26 2006

Skull, knife, red candles and a black cloth....Strange creatures in the mirror. That completes the sacrifice altar. Now the guests can arrive.

Mother, are you sick? Yes, I have totally out-witch crafted my self.

All the decorations are difficult to accomplish. And the meat soup, it took its toll because I had unusually many types of meat in it. I am not going to tell you about that in the gory details. You are still too young, my dear.

Everything is read, now we will have some fun.



Woooooooooooooo Casper enters the scene.

Vagaagaagaa, baggbaggbagg, I laid a few eggs on the way and even hatched a few. Such a long journey to Reykjavik. The rooster was so proud of me that he got all cocky and showy.

Here are the chickens fresh out of the eggshells. Are they not precious ? -- gvoggg.


I can smell something good, ohhh it is the meat soup out in the kitchen, it is best to hurry and taste some before it is too late.

This weird Santa Claus was not like the Santa's I have met before. He didn't say a word. Usually they are loud and vulgar.

How do you do dear mother. Long time no see.

How your beard has grown, son, Have you completely stopped shaving?

It is fashionable to grow some whiskers.

The Santa Clause is the silent type. Probably spellbound by the Cyclopean hanging by his side.

A handsome family but rather EXTRAordinary!

Not everyone is loosing their mind. Lucky this psychology nurse showed up to stop the madness.

What is in there? It is Gríla and Leppalúði (parents of the icelandic Yule-lads and trolls). They are visiting, but they are so afraid of the light that they hid under the staircase. Would you come with me and talk with them? NO! - mom I don't want to meet them.

I am going to see them. She will stand guard while I do.

Leppalúði: I can't stand the light, save me! This is terrible - a light has been lit in our quarters.

Gríla: What is going on? What is it with all the light?

Hi, I was visiting Gríla and Leppalúði. They where great and gave me these sweet eyes. Mom, did you taste the freshly cooped brain they offered? Yes, of course, I never let such delicious food pass me by.

I am simply run out backwards, and yet I am their son. They don't want to recognize me because I am not supposed to dwell with humans at this time of the year.


Things are gradually getting better - still no one has been sacrificed. 

The pumpkin and the gypsy girl get along nicely.

We turn back to back no matter what we are up to.

This strange bearded man offers everyone sniffing tobacco. He took lots and lots of the stuff under the lip and into the nose.

Of course it ends with a big blow in the handkerchief.

Do you want some in your nose, he asked this stable man. He said no since it had been too long since he last sniffed tobacco.

Yes! This is life!

Hmmmm, what is going on here?


OOOOOOOOOOOO, I think I'll just lay back a while. This crowd is pathetic.

I am Silvia Night you see - this is so much fun!


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