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Ice Cave
Forms of Nature


Wonders of nature are hard to describe. One Sunday in March we took off with a small group in a four wheeling trip on Langjokull ice-cap. We looked at ice caves that are truly impossible to describe with words. Hopefully the pictures speak for them selves.

Any architect would be proud of this work. Ceiling in the spirit of the romantic period.



Appealing carving artwork decorates this ceiling. With soft repeating lines in the spirit of the baroque period.


Cushy lines contrast the cold ice wall. Making you feel like it is a warm and soft wool coat made of ice crystals.


Zebra lines have often been fashionable.


Who wouldn't long for such delicately carved roof window on his house. Always daylight. Not easy to clone the zebra lines, repeating from the floor and up to the roof.

Here I see an eagle flying out the strange roof window. What do you see?




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