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Monday February 1 2009:

Independent Film Screening Reykjavik



Independent Film Screening Reykjavik

What: Independent film screening of Slektstreff Brooklyn/Reunion Brooklyn In Norwegian with English subtitles, completed in 2008, runtime 24 Minutes (plus a rough cut of a documentary film about the Norwegian .17 Mai parade in Brooklyn, runtime 16 minutes) followed by panel discussion with Writer/Producer/Director Ben Geboe and Editor Christopher Dawes

When: Monday, February 2, 2009 at 4 pm

Where: Kvikmyndaskoli Islands, Lynghals 5, 110 Reykjavik (Simi: 533 3309)

Independent Film Screening Reykjavik

Why: We are seeking critical feedback from the audience about the production and want to share our work with the public. The film is in application phase for the NYC Tribeca Film Festival among other US film festivals. We incorporate public feedback from showings to improve the film, and also we want to share it with the public to create discussion about independent filmmaking. Popcorn and coffee will be served. Audience members will be offered an opinion survey, which is optional and not required.

Synopsis: Two Norwegian cousins come to NYC for a reunion, which takes a back seat as NYC landmarks, art studios, attractive men and city streets provide a compelling setting for a woman?s struggle to gain mastery of her internal voice.

Independent Film Screening Reykjavik

RSVP: Please send an email to bengeboe (at) aol.com indicating the number of people attending the screening. All are welcome. In the event of a large crowd the movie will be shown twice and you will be notified by email which session to attend (determined by first come/first serve basis.)

More Info: bengeboe (at) aol.com

Try something new in the new year!

Special thanks to Elvar Gunnarsson, Svithstjori of Kvikmyndaskoli Islands and Kristinn Gilsdof the Public Affairs office of the American Embassy in Reykjavik and my friend Helga Ogmundardottir and her lovely family, Takk skal du har.

This event is free and open to the public