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Kid Art Project - Acrylic

You don't always need a pensil to paint a picture. You can also change methods and forego of the pensils ! Acrylic paint is especially easy to use when we want to let the colors be in control.

Preparation: Cut down some carton paper. It has to be thick and strong. Next glue pieces of canvas on the carton. It is wery good to apply extra glue on the canvas using a pensil. This makes the colors flow better. Allow to dry.


You use acrylic paint and thin it down a little bit with water. Use small used containers with tight lids to shake the paint and the water together. When the mix is ready you pour from the container on the canvas and carefully roll the carton from side to side. Then you take another color and allow it to flow and blend with the former one. The two colors take a "trip" together and make amazing and fun pictures. Playing with this project can take place for an unlimited time. Take care not to use too much paint at a time and not mixing too many colors.

Encourage the kids to tell you what they see in the pictures. You will not be disappointed.

Keep in mind that this game can also be played by older kids as well as adults.

These small pictures can be used as invitation cards or framed for hanging on a wall.

I made cards like these and used as invitation cards for my sons confirmation.

If some paint flows outside the canvas it is OK. Just change the drop into some creature or paint the surrounding frame using your own best judgement.

Have fun !



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