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Kid Art Project - Ink

I realize that it is popular to allow kids in kindergarten to work with ink and watercolor. Here we use the technique known by most. Begin by drawing with crayons and then paint with ink afterwards. The pictures are left to dry and the next time we start working with them the kids get fitting material for the kid art project. The pictures portrayed here are the results from a kid art project from the World of the Ocean and we had been reading books about fish and singing about the fishes. Singing is a good preparation for art making. When the kids are given flat circular objects, perhaps buttons, reminding them of eyes, all sorts of monsters and weird fishes appear.

Method:  Use the base colors: Yellow, red and blue. The colors can easily be thinned down with a little water. It is enough to give them two colors at a time, else there is a danger of the picture becoming to dark or even brown. Yellow and red work good together also blue and yellow. The smallest kids often make several rings or a single stroke that we can recognize as neither a bird nor a fish. Then the buttons come in handy. All of a sudden we have many wonderful and amazing creatures that no doubt can be found in the ocean if you observe closely. The kids decide where the eyes should be located and are often to be found on places we do not think fit but that is precisely the most amusing thing about kid art, they are so free and unspoiled in their art creation.




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