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Kid Art Project - Textile

These pictures show the textile kid art project done by kids between 4 and 6 years old. I cut down a piece of chicken net about 40 x 50 cm (16 x 20 inch). I also cut down linen pieces in colors I thought fitting. I gave the kids dry straws, wools, feathers and dried moss. They ware free to do as they pleased and discover the possibilities of each material. The kids needed some guidance but eventually it was a success. The straws are birch trees and the green moss pine trees. The blue linen is the ocean and the brown is the soil. The yellow and brown circle on the left is the sun. The wool strings are worms.

This kid art project is ideal as a continuing project. The textile work is trying for the kids so they will not last long in a single session.

The kids made a work of art that looks like mother earth as seen by the birds.

To make the landscape more real we made various animals and hung them on the picture. We chose to use insects.

Spiders ware made from pipe cleaners and larger bugs ware made from an egg box witch the kids painted freely. The pipe cleaners ware stuck trough the insects bodies to make legs.











We found a butterfly was missing in the insect collection. I took only a short time to fix that by weaving pip cleaners together. Then a beautiful butterfly emerged.



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