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Kid Art Project - The Beach


Kids love forming things with their hands. It is good for them to touch soft substance and make something from their own imagination. In this kid art project you can use any type of clay. I handed the kids some air-dry clay (DAS clay). It is easy to handle and work with. I also offered them small decoration parasols that the kids found interesting. They are fun to open up and watch them spread. The parasols are colorful and the projects become full of life and energy.

The beach is so hot that people can not lie on the benches but have to swim in the ocean. There you can spot a pink bench, some shells and the enclosing sand.


Here a small village has formed. Can you imagine the natives dancing around the houses ?


This is the residence of a fun guy. He has lots of diamonds and I think I can see guards stand watching the gold while the owner swims in the sea to cool off.


Some choose to make a treasure island. This island has lots of trees and you can even spot hidden treasure under a tree.


Wonder if there is someone asleep under this parasol ?

This is one of numerous possibilities for kids to make something from clay. It is great to see how young they are when they get interested in handling the clay.





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