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Kid Art Project - Winter Pictures

Working with the winter is a never ending kid art project. We wanted to make three dimensional winter pictures. To let three dimensional picture appear, we chose thick under-layer and paper that will not flatten out and is alive.


Preparation: For this time we came up with the idea of cutting carton paper from an oat-meal package and Kraft paper as foundation. We cut crepe paper in stripes and chose good hobby glue. Last autumn we dried colorful leaves that came in handy in this project.


We talked about the snow and how fun it can be to play in. I gave the kids white, dark blue and light purple crepe paper.

Crepe paper has attributes that make the pictures alive and fun. It is easy to notice a lot of snow in these pictures. Because the paper will not lay flat a feeling of a three dimensional effect is created.


The kids had great fun making up stories. All of a sudden the wind picked up, making leaves blow off the trees and land on the snow.


We made a game out of chasing the leaves and slide on sleds down the slopes.

The winter pictures clearly show that kid's ideas flow freely. The works become fresh and original and create a foundation for mature conversations.



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