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Energy Flow


Art-Iceland's first cooperative exhibition opened 29th of July 2006 in Mubla, Nýbýlavegi 18, Kópavogur. The artists that start are: Árni Rúnar Sverrisson, Helga Sigurðardóttir and Álfheiður Ólafsdóttir. We invite everyone to come and see the exhibition named Energy Flow (Orkuflæði).

Art-Iceland.com has a website along with the gallery. The path is: art-iceland.com. Between 200 and 300 visitors come to the website every day. Mostly foreign guests. We portray Iceland from different points of view. Writing article where the people and art as well as the beauty of the country is described. We have often had fun and positive reaction from our foreign visitors. Many are interested in the country and its inhabitants. The possibility to buy art work through the web site seems to help also.

At the next Reykjavik Culture Night the gallery will be one year old and we will make the mood light and fun. Having the band Marriage (Hjónabandið) introduce their new CD and María Jónsdóttir and her legacy sing some old Icelandic rhymes. It will be an Icelandic traditional style mood at the Reykjavik Cultural Night in the Art-Iceland gallery at Skólabörðustígur 1A.

Árni Rúnar Sverrisson paints under strong influence of the primal growth of the earth. Out of his long hikes in the Icelandic highlands ideas have surfaced in the unique paintings of Árni. As we observe the earth below our feet and admire the art work that is made by nature itself we see unbelievable beauty. Icelandic landscape is not only pretty mountain peaks and icecaps. It is no less the beauty in the soft and small that so many walk over but don't see because we forget to notice what is closest to us.



Álfheiður Ólafsdóttir approaches her subjects with power and strong colors. She concentrates totally on the work allowing the environment to flow through her fingers. The paintings are done in the still of the nature and all painted outside. Long straws and small flies help her to complete the work. This way she allows the forms of nature to be expressed in all its beauty and devotion.


Helga Sigurðardóttir chooses her colors with enthusiasm and a distinct style that you will experience as a bonfire of emotions. The energy in her paintings draws you along on a journey into powerful and colorful feelings. Her pictures are the beginning of an adventure which is yet to be fully manifested. It will be exciting to see the development with all the power and color explosions in her work.


Pictures from the opening:



Þrándur Arnþórsson