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Icelandic Art - Light and Living

Icelandic artists get their inspiration from nature and the energy of the country as well as its supernatural inhabitants like elves, trolls and hidden people. The conflict of fire and ice are powerful opposites and the vast fields of sand, lava and the great ice-caps so rare in our neighboring countries. The power of the Icelandic nature and the ever-changing light conditions will always stay with Icelanders and their art creation.

Art Iceland - Kjarval: The sisters of Stapi

The late Kjarval is a great example of one of the early oil painters that sought their inspiration directly to the Icelandic nature.

This web is growing fast to become the best source of Art in Iceland.


New Art Iceland Stories and Articles

Figures in Borgarnes Figures in Borgarnes
It is essential that Puppet artists share their craft and findings and share it with those interested in the field. This will result in the nourishment of this Art Form and consequently will erase the stigma of existing only to entertain children on a Sunday afternoon.
Independent Film Screening Reykjavik Independent Film Screening Reykjavik
Independent film screening of Slektstreff Brooklyn/Reunion Brooklyn In Norwegian with English subtitles, completed in 2008, runtime 24 Minutes (plus a rough cut of a documentary film about the Norwegian .17 Mai parade in Brooklyn, runtime 16 minutes)
Photo Exhibition: Pieces Of Africa Photo Exhibition: Pieces Of Africa
ICELANDAIR and JPV publishers are to sponsor the launch of IceAid on September 1st 2007 with an exhibition at Art Iceland Reykjavik. Proceeds from the exhibition will be used by IceAid to fund the ongoing rehabilitation of orphanages in Liberia.
Iceland Omega 3 - dried fish

Iceland Omega 3
Icelandic people have one of the longest life expectancy of all nations. This should come as no surprise since Icelanders often eat fish and fish oil rich in omega 3 fatty acids. The omega 3 is the secret to the longevity. The people of Iceland have less heart disease, lower blood pressure and fewer strokes than people from any other country.

A Moment in the Icelandic Highlands A Moment in the Icelandic Highlands
In the summer of 2006 I first traveled to the area around the Kárahnjúkar dam. I took of with my wife for a hike with the outdoor group Augnablik. We walked for five days around Kringilsá river, Kringilsárrani cape, Jökulsá á Brú river, Hafrahvammagil canyon, Laugarvalladalur valley, Mt. Snæfell. Norðurdalur valley and Jökulsá á Fljótsdal river. This voyage changed me.
This is a 5 minute photographic show with the music of Damien Rice.
Boulder Stones Boulder Stones
This summer I searched for places in the environment that leaves nobody unmoved.  The nature, its art and its stunning intuition in color choice and forms made me look closer and admire the creation. I show you a few pictures of boulder stones and the vegetable life that grows here and there in its shelter. The beauty you see at every step is hard to describe in words. Here you can see a tiny fraction of the art works of nature.
Dilana & Magni in Iceland Dilana & Magni in Iceland
A music concert with Dilana from Rock Star Supernova were held in Iceland this autumn. It was an event I couldn't miss. Me, Þr ándur and María Rún had been watching the Rock Star show.

Most popular Art Iceland Stories and Articles

Hinsegin dagar Gay Pride Iceland
Gay Pride Iceland is celebrated in Reykjavík like many other cities in the world. This years festival took place Saturday August 7th. It is estimated that a little less than 40.000 people showed up in Reykjavík centre, to celebrate with gay's and to show sympathy and support.
Blue Lagoon Iceland Blue Lagoon Iceland
Blue Lagoon Iceland is truly a one-of-a-kind. Situated in the middle of a large lava field and created by geothermal seawater.
Reykjavik Picture Reykjavík Picture
Spending a day just doing as little as I can while at the same time enjoying the city. Reykjavík is a great place to spend your time!
Icelandic contemporary glass art Icelandic contemporary glass art
Works by seven Icelandic artists that have the common element of being created in glass for the most part.
Kid Art Project - Textile Kid Art Project - Textile
These pictures show the textile kid art project done by kids between 4 and 6 years old. I cut down a piece of chicken net about 40 x 50 cm (16 x 20 inch). I also cut down linen pieces in colors I thought fitting
The Iceland Flag The Iceland Flag
A symbol of country and nation. Colors of the blue sky, the white of the ice-caps and the red fire underneath.
Maria's Legacy - Gimli 2005
Exactly 130 years ago the first Icelandic settlers set foot on an unfamiliar land. They named the place "Gimli". Because of this occasion celebrations where planned in Gimli, Manitoba. We where lucky to be invited to sing some old fashioned Icelandic rhyme songs.
Menningarnótt í Reykjavík Reykjavik Culture Night
Reykjavik Culture Night is one of the most popular events in Icelandic art life. It is estimated that at least 100 thousand people gathered together this day.
Iceland Volcano Iceland Volcanoes
Iceland is famous for it's volcanoes. Many of the mountains in Iceland are created in volcanic eruptions.
Iceland Omega 3 - dried fish

Iceland Omega 3
Icelandic people have one of the longest life expectancy of all nations. This should come as no surprise since Icelanders often eat fish and fish oil rich in omega 3 fatty acids. The omega 3 is the secret to the longevity. The people of Iceland have less heart disease, lower blood pressure and fewer strokes than people from any other country.


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Kjarval: Systurnar frá stapa Art Wall
The Art Wall presents some of the best works of our Icelandic artists.
Nýtt gallerí art-Iceland.com opnar Art Life
Icelandic Art Life is really quite varied. This can possibly be contributed partly to the high standard of education Icelandic artist enjoy.
Orkuflæði - sýning Artists Directory
Icelandic artists ordered by first name, like is customary in Iceland.
Patterns of Nature Patterns of Nature
Patterns of nature are hidden all around you. By opening your eyes and examining our closest environment amazing patterns will emerge. Often it is in the tiny but also in those things we have before our eyes in the daily life but do not pay much attention to in the busy and overloaded everyday activity.
FREE Background Desktop Wallpaper FREE Wallpaper
Here you can download your FREE Background Desktop Wallpaper with beautiful pictures from Iceland. You can use them as a desktop background.
List barna - vefnaður Kid Art
For the last five years I have worked with kid art projects in kindergarten. My pupils are between 1 and 6 years old. At this age the kids are full of ideas and fun to be around.
Iceland by NASA Visible Earth Web Iceland Tours
Iceland offers a number of excellent choices for tours. Here are a few of the most interesting Iceland tours to help you plan your next visit.
Icelandic Galleries Galleries in Iceland
Iceland galleries are growing, both in numbers and variety. Most of the galleries are located in down-town Reykjavik.
Art Thinking Art Thinking
Webmasters log - thoughts and ramblings.
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Art Links to interesting art web sites, Icelandic pages and related issues.
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