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New Gallery art-Iceland.com

Opening at the Reykjavík Cultural Night August 20th 2005

Art-Iceland.com opened a new art gallery at Skólavörðustígur number 1a at the Reykjavik Cultural Night. We consider starting an art gallery to be a natural consequence of having an online gallery. The website has proved valuable as a way to introduce the artists that are showing their work. It is is undeniably more fun to be able to show the art pieces in the physical and use the web for support.

Skólavörðustígur is a great location for art-Iceland.com.  Travelers from abroad are plenty and this street is now and always will be THE art street in Iceland and will be introduced as such.

A new logo for art-Iceland.com has been designed and it is in the colors of the Icelandic flag. The red dot is truly positive for us artists - a red do is a symbol used to mark a work of art as sold!

A lot of work has been done in painting and improving the lighting as well as collecting art work and exhibiting them in a way that is deserving. With good help everything turned out well.

In cooperation with KB bank and Reykjavik Cultural Committee the gallery is offering zero interest loans to make it easier for art lovers to buy the works they dream about owning.

For this special occasion of opening and the Reykjavik Cultural Night - art lovers had the opportunity of making offers for individual art pieces. The offers have been inspected and owners of best offers where contacted. All profits for the gallery went to the Icelandic Red Cross.

At the evening Álfheiður's mother, María Jónsdóttir from Kirkjulækur and her offspring came and sung some old fashioned rime songs some dating back to the viking times. First performance was at 20:00 inside the gallery but later it was repeated outside on the street at the whole hours 21:00 and 22:00.

Unnur Sigurðardóttir also sang with great power and a beautiful voice several songs by Gershwin and others. Unnur is the daughter of the painter Sigurður Örlygsson.

While the singing was on it can truly be said that the gallery was FULL.

When the singers went outside a number of people stopped in front of the gallery and listened.

Jón Ólafsson, María Rún Þrándardóttir, María Jónsdóttir and Dagný Valdimarsdóttir sing old rime songs.

Ómar and Andri sons of Jón are added to the group. This group has plans of visiting Canada to take part in celebrating Icelandic settlement in Winnipeg over 100 years ago.

At the evening of 18th of August this group made it to the local Icalandic TV station Stöð 2. At the newsshow "Ísland í dag" a recording of the group rehearsing was on as well as short interviews. It is possible to see the recording by visiting the site veftivi.visir.is/veftivi. Go to "Ísland í dag II" 18th August 2005 or click here.

It is our sincere hope to be offering art lovers a great variety of art works both from nationally known artists as well as lesser known talents.

Right from the beginning at least 15 artists are exhibiting their work for sale. We will add to the group gradually. Several pieces are from each artist, but to increase our service to artists and customers we will have a pc in the gallery to show other items available.

Best thanks to everyone that came by and made this day unforgettable.



Þrándur Arnþórsson